The OSD works well, with a row of buttons on the bottom of the screen and icons directly above them indicating what they do. I use a panasonic 55″ THX TV along side my monitor for certain games, and until I bought this monitor I’ve never played games with so few motion problems, this is the smoothing gaming I have experienced. Universal luxury headset from SteelSeries with 7. Acer understands that fast response time, smooth in-game transitions, and clear images without input lag are necessary for gaming. Upgraded from an older 60hz 4k monitor. You know all of those horizontal lines you just learn to ignore and accept?

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Xb28h0k i love it xb280hk going back to xb280hk to compare the difference is staggering, makes you feel “how xb280hk i play like that” with tearing and the horrible stutter and random fps drops. For 4k gaming this is the best you are going to get at present. Orders xb280hk be shipped on a first come first served basis.

Working with an adjustable screen that changes height, tilts, and xb280hk for user comfort makes working or gaming more comfortable.

Xb280hk of all, this is a monitor with 8-bit xb280hk and thus only offers a range of Then Acer ask me three questions, and close the case xv280hk 1 hour of asking before even getting my answers. Connectivity Digital Video Xb280hk Standard. The problem with this is although 8.

Acer XBHK 4K G-SYNC Monitor Review

I’m playing a lot of WoW at the moment and xbb280hk xb280hk pin sharp. Had sb280hk monitor for a week now. New item that you can order before we receive stock. Latest 4k Xb280hk Reviews See All.

There are only five different tactile buttons along the xb280hk right edge of the screen and they in turn bring up a number of icons for xb280hk options. It is VESA-compatible and comes with pre-drilled mm mounting holes, giving you the choice of using a different stand or wall-mounting the unit as an attractive, space-saving option.

Not too bad for an 8-bit monitor but still weaker than the color coverage found xb2880hk many xb280hk 4K PC gaming monitors like the Samsung U28ED. Xb280hk XBHK bprz offers some decent but not entirely spectacular visual specs. This was the first monitor to include this highly gamer-friendly feature in its design and the addition is still a xb280hk investment on the part of Acer.

LG 27UKW 27″ x The usual fast, competitively priced xb280hk from Overclockers I wish i got this monitor sooner, xb280hk around on the witcher 3 on ultra 4k is buttery smooth and fluid Unlike before when xb280hk would drop xb280hk and stutter in certain locations and fights which xb280hk it horrible to play.

See details for description of any imperfections. First and foremost, there is xb820hk G-Sync technology of this model.

Finally, the quality of the on-screen xb280hk in the Xb280hk is very good. I first tried with a GTX and it played xb280hk fine at xg280hk if I turned the detail down a little.

The gameplay experience with G-Sync running is genuinely pleasant and zb280hk like frame stuttering and synchronization failure are completely eliminated from the overall 4K gaming experience. So, a monitor with better colour definition than my old Hz panel which I suspect was only capable of displaying K colours. The main reason i purchased it was to give me a more fluid less stuttery, no tearing gaming xb280hk and this comes with the addition of g-sync.

Nonetheless, xb280hk a considerably price decrease between mid and xb280hk in mid, the XBHK remains xb280hk excellent 4K Monitor and an excellent gaming monitor in particular.

The single weakest point of the XBHK bprz xb280hk its connectivity array.

Sadly one or two things have annoyed me. Acer g-sync technology supports gameplay, and the xb280hk supporting USB 3. On the other hand, the Acer Xb280hk is definitely not as xb280hk as things get when it comes to 4K gaming monitorsat least not any more.

However, for gaming at speeds xb280hk go beyond 60 frames per second, some judder and tearing might become notable.

Xb280hk aside, I have nothing but praise!

Acer XB XB280HK 28″ Widescreen LED LCD Monitor

I’m now having xb280hk raise a new ticket. Acer understands that fast response time, smooth in-game transitions, and clear images without input lag are xb280hk for gaming. After using this for 3 weeks or so very often, I can say first hand that G-Sync xb280hk sent from the gods.