Paper comes out of the printer face-up, and each time a sheet of paper comes out, it falls down from the printer. The energy star emblem does not represent EPA Push the toner cartridge down and remove it from the printer. Solving Problems This chapter provides helpful information for what to do if you encounter an error while using your printer. If more than one print job is in the printer memory, Cancel must be pressed once for each job.

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If you are printing multiple pages, load the next sheet after the first page prints out, and press the Cancel button. Replacing The Toner Cartridge Note: Samsung Electronics is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from or related to use of this manual.

You have to load one sheet at a time into the the printer. Aamsung Up Your Printer This chapter provides step by step information on setting up your printer. To print the pprinter completely, please, download it.

Page 4 Using a Page Overlay To connect the printer to the parallel port of the computer requires a certified parallel cable. Click the Layout tab, select Poster in the Type drop-down list. For more details, see page 2.

Samsung ML-1710 Driver

Click the Graphics tab to display the properties shown below. Make sure that the cover is securely closed. At last, the plastic pivot that holds a modest fold for the paper that prints out is inadequately built, so it must be taken care of tenderly when you move the printer, for fear that it sever.

The Linux Printer Configuration window opens. If you have any printing problem after your printer prints about 60, pages, you must contact the customer service to replace the transfer roller. Besides, I find that the white plastic shell that houses the printer gets scraped and stamped too effortlessly by pencils and comparable office questions mine looks shabby after such a variety of years.

Driver Samsung ML-1710P Laser 3.01

This setting is for bolder line widths or darker gray-scale images. In the printer properties window, click the Extras tab.

You can use any size paper that fits easily within the paper adjusters of the paper feeder. More Troubleshooting Error Messages.

Driver Samsung MLP Laser (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

The energy star emblem does not represent EPA The paper plate can deal with up to sheets; everything from envelopes to file cards can likewise be handled. Paper comes out of the printer face-up, and each time a sheet of samsungg comes out, it falls down from the printer.

Setting Paper Properties Use the following options to set the basic paper handling needs when you access the printer properties. The Info tab shows general information about the printer. Click the Extras tab, and click the Edit button in the Watermark section.

Canceling print job Press this button during printing. Printer And Paper Storage Environment Paper storage environmental conditions directly affect the feed operation. If Auto Select is set, the printer automatically selects the print material from the paper feeder, according to the following order: The printer will finish printing the page that is moving through the printer and delete the rest of the print job.

From the Printer menu, select Sharing. Page 24 Locate the cartridge slots inside the printer, one on each side. Contact a service representative. This process will produce a page with toner debris, which should be discarded. 11710p careful not to be burned when accessing this area. Printing Posters 9, or 16 sheets of paper, for the purpose of pasting the sheets together to form one poster-size document.

When the Status monitor window appears to indicate an error, you can see the corresponding solution.