While none of these frame rates are what I’d call smooth, you can’t argue with how competitive the E is here. GeForce GT Desktop. Crysis – GPU Benchmark Civilization V doesn’t run well on any integrated graphics platform, but the E runs it at least as well or as poorly? The Radeon HD

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Windows 7 Experience Index – Graphics. For more games that might be playable and a list of all games and graphics cards visit our Gaming List.

Left 4 Dead Radeon RX Laptop. Our WoW test is run at fair quality settings with weather turned down all the way on a lightly populated server in an area where no other radeon graphics hd 6310m are present to produce repeatable results. The past two years have shown us that Intel is starting to take GPU performance seriously. Very Good for the Money General Performance: The frame rates are still not high enough to get radeon graphics hd 6310m, but the effort is top notch.

Again the E continues to hang with the best here.

Mafia II doesn’t run well on any integrated graphics platform, regardless of vendor. The test was run in DX9 mode with everything turned down at x Intel Extreme Graphics 2.

The Brazos Review: AMD’s E-350 Supplants ION for mini-ITX

The Radeon HD results were a bit unexpected. The following yd stem from our benchmarks of review laptops. Crysis – CPU Benchmark Need I mention that you get this at a much lower price than either of the aforementioned CPUs?

All image quality settings are set to low, resolution is at x Iris Pro Graphics Log in Don’t have an account?

There are another four lanes courtesy of the Hudson FCH. The 3D performance of the HD should be beneath a HD radeon graphics hd 6310m to the missing dedicated graphics memory shared memory only. The Radeon HD You’ll see a number of games radeon graphics hd 6310m compatibility is a problem for the D More demanding games like Risen or Call of Duty series were not playable.

The E still isn’t enough to play all modern games, but it’s what I would consider an acceptable entry level GPU. Very Good for the Garphics I want to say that lately we’ve graphcs a resurgence in the importance of integrated graphics, but I don’t know that it ever was truly important.

The Bobcat cores at work in the E help give it a significant advantage over anything paired with Atom. Radeeon our tests the was only able to run low end games like Fifa 11, Sims 3 and Star Craft 2 single player in lowest detail settings fluently.

Intel’s HD Graphics is faster but at a much higher power consumption and pricetag of course. Iris Pro Graphics P AMD’s greatest ally in Fusion will be its driver experience. GeForce GT Desktop.

Radeon™ Graphics for Laptops | AMD

Radeon graphics hd 6310m RX Desktop. For our Civilization V test we’re using the game’s built in lateGameView benchmark. In our Sandy Bridge Review I wondered if Intel was being limited by driver issues here as there’s very little difference between the and GPUs.

Civilization V doesn’t run well on any integrated graphics platform, but the E runs it at least as well or as poorly?