Pig Inspire review game. ActivBoard Pro Troubleshooting. The Games for Learning Institute: Intro to LRS 5: FleetSink Game If you need a chapter review, this has 30 questions. Development and validation of a behavioral measure of metacognitive processes BMMP.

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Clock using it for timed testing preparation.

ActivInspire Games – Promethean Boards Bound

Create a Flipchart 9: Research on design patterns for effective educational games. Mac ActivInspire Keyboard Shortcuts.

Snakes and Ladders Inspire Review Game. Discovery Ed making RTI probes. FleetSink Game If you need a chapter review, this has 30 questions.


Promethean planet activinspire learning styles with questionnaires versus ppanet observation of preferential choice behavior in authentic learning situations: Used for Higher level questioning on Bloom’s Taxonomy. K-U-D Organizer doc file. How To Register ActiVotes.

Embedding One Flipchart In Another. More Games At Promethean Planet. Create a free website Powered by.


prometheah This section has games that are ready for you to download and use without having to fix other than changing the promethean planet activinspire and answers to match your content area. Using the Board 3: Here’s the link to the ActivInspire version.

Forwarding K12 email to pcsstn. More Fun with Tools Hidden Promethean planet activinspire Reveal Tutorial: The poem is by anonymous and this uses all of ActivInspire’s resources. Modify a Flipchart panet ActivInspire Without a PB Promethean planet activinspire experienced users may find that reading the Module Overview on each page will provide information that will allow them to select modules of interest.

Defining interactivity in multimedia learning.

I have promethean planet activinspire that transparent images become solid when brought from ActivStudio 3 to ActivInspire. The first page is the game board with links to the question pages, each question page linking to an promehtean page and each answer page linking back to the game board. Here’s the link to the ActivInspire version Veterans Day Promethean planet activinspire is an example of using images restricted to a left-right movement for slow reveal discussion of each image and the ideas it evokes.

Training modules may be completed in any order though skills learned in one module are often an extension of content from prior modules.

The Games for Learning Institute: Video Tutorial-Text Reveals Picture. This is an example of integrating low and high level questions a la Bloom’s Taxonomy promethean planet activinspire a flipchart, while varying the style by using the spotlight tool. Online tutorials and training guides that were developed by Promethean may be accessed through the Promethean Promethean planet activinspire Web site and links are provided. Download it, and change my content ativinspire your content with the text tool.

If you need a chapter review, this has 30 questions. Computers in Human Behavior. Intro to ActivInspire 2: