Two new “Stereo Mirror” output modes. Added stereoscopic presets for all supported games. There is no ghosting or flicker with their extremely clever single display solution. It can be tricky to tell though, since s3d is a bit of an aquired taste and you need to tweak the settings to your own comfort levels as well. The best as Cybereality says is using the interleaved option in the iz3d driver together with the e-d-activator even if the resolution is cut in half. It’s also why I’m sticking with the gt for the moment. Don’t know if the new system is backwards compatible.

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I use x 85Hz both on the desktop and in all games. Game testing primarily involves looking at content with dark scenes and fast motion, while movie viewing focuses on dark level detail and color fidelity. Color temperature tracks poorly across the luminance range.

A completely new user interface in the iZ3D Control Center. This monitor is more blue than it should be: Immersed videogames gaming esports https: They were uncomfortable and they never worked that well.

It is completely annoying how every hardware manufacture pushes his own “standard” while making sure it is incompatible with any other manufacturer’s “standard”. For those of you interested in LCD shutter glasses support with iZ3D’s stereoscopic 3D drivers, there is a separate version to download. Sat Dec 29, 4: Games that use sgutter cursor e.

I almost bought three 22inch lcd monitors and a matrox triplehead2go box on sunday, so I could get wider fov by playing games at x res I only didn’t because I’m also about to buy a 30inch lcd, and I don’t have enough room on my table for three 22″ and a 30″.

It supports it, the options in the E-D Activator are: PC monitors are tested using a rigorous combination of lab tests, synthetic software testing, and subjective viewing of game and DVD content. Join the Unity Advisory Panel.

iZ3D HZ1 3D Monitor Review – Page 2 of 6 – ExtremeTech

Hello everybody, I am struggling in finding a solution so I hope in Unity3D group. Civilization V, Tom Clancy’s H.

Sat Apr 07, Dynamic test is bugged in fullscreen mode in DX We tried a host of games, including some not on that list, and they all worked. Someone received improper info Hm, I started having some problems recently.

With each new game, we found ourselves playing with some hotkeys to make the left and right eye images converge line up while increasing and decreasing the stereoscopic separation enough to make it look 3D.

On top of that, I just remembered reading that iz3d causes a slight shift in colours, so that one eye looks a little redder and the other a little bluer, due to the polarization. Sat Sep 06, Last edited by Zerofool on Mon Dec 20, 6: The disadvantage is that you can’t control your stereo settings from within Unity, this is all done by the nvidia driver.

Latest iZ3D version has removed shutter support. The iZ3D developers say there are new glasses with new coatings in the works.

But unfortunately that’s not the case – because then the manufacturers couldn’t market their OWN shutter glasses and their OWN software. Okta Golden Eyed Wiseman!

IZ3D Monitor + Polarized Glasses or NVidia Glasses + Samsung – Ogre Forums

Beyond this distance we actually begin to throw away display resolution. You should still dhutter able to have the nvidia driver itself create a good active stereo signal, by using the nvidia 3D graphics driver. But that isnt saying much. Is there a way to fix this or do I have to play theses games in Interlace with lower refresh rate?