When you are stuck on iPhone dead or loop screen, you can use recovery mode to fix this instead of resetting it because reset would erase all data and settings so you may lose your precious data. Release the power button, and keep holding the home button until the icon of iPhone shows up in the upper right corner of iTunes. By submitting this form, you accept the Mollom privacy policy. Main menu iphonefaq news faq guides tips search about contact. Here’s a video on how to do DFU properly: Thanks again for your time!

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And for More info visit: Also I just like to note that this procedure must not be mistaken for recovery mode iTunes cable screenwhich is done by:.

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My Iphone 3G wont go into DFU mode – Apple Community

I want to find a solution too, so people who get iphone 3g dfu mode sort of issue can fix it down the road! DFU has always worked as follows: Connect iPhone to computer jphone USB cable. What happens when you turn the unit on?

Wait till the iphone device turns off and then release the power and home button.

That’s all for now. But my iphon is not conected with iTunes.

DFU Mode – The iPhone Wiki

Turn off the phone Hold power and Home for 10 seconds exactly 10 seconds, iphone 3g dfu mode a clock with seconds Release Power, iphone 3g dfu mode keep holding Home After seconds you should get the phone detected on the computer with the screen still black. It can be tricky and I think you have to follow these instructions quite closely: If you don’t care about GPS, you should be able to use the device just fine.

Tell me if you iphonw any more ideas on the matter and thanks again for your time.

On my system a new USB driver was installed too. Good to know, cause i was kinda thinking that i might be wasting your time. I’d suggest Google, to make sure you are completing the process of DFU mode properly as it can be very difficult to enter. I thought that 3t you followed the steps without iphone 3g dfu mode the ipyone connected it would still enter pwned DFU. You also don’t need to press home or power button if you use the famous tool used iphone 3g dfu mode enter and exit recovery mode called ReiBoot.

The tutorial is as follows: I just added before some entries to mark them as comments but I am mkde sure what the original state of the two apple’s entries that i have was. Apparently my device gets to something redsn0w calls “1st-gen device DFU mode ” iphone 3g dfu mode i do the steps it says.

Well, i do use the device now but the gps i;hone one of the main reasons i got it after all. Btw this is my first apple device ever so i am not really familiar with itunes and all.

Stuck in Recovery Mode with my iPhone 3G (i cant do DFU mode!!)

This alone is totally frustrating, at least for me Oct 8, 2: Eventually, the only os that i managed to install was WD 7. What happens is that the iphone is stuck in a recovery state with blackened screen.

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Oct 13, While holding down the home button plug the iPhone into iphone 3g dfu mode computer. So sorry in advance and here’s my problem; iphone 3g, got it jailbroken with 4.

Keep both buttons pressed for 10 seconds. So in general, my iphone seems to resist to enter pwned DFU mode, for its own 3b.