Doesn’t seem like there’s much structure for an older head to give out orders like you go sell dope on that corner you go rob these heads you your my trigger man. Yep because you know all of edai’s personal secrets. People hating on him because they envy him. His music is garbage, he’s like s King Yella only he’s smart enough to not act like a retard on instagram and go on a 10 minute rant where he makes absolutely no sense and it would track a fucking cryptographer to figure out what the fuck he was saying. He does a lot of interviews over the phone. The truck thing with Edai is cuz Edai was a truck driver.

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Vlad wasn’t physically there for Edai’s interview.

edai : Chiraqology

You can hear it when he talks, you can see it in his eyes, you can see him avoiding eye contact with Vlad in his Vladtv interview where he looked nervous and looked like he was lying whereas Tay looked right into the camera, calmly explained his position, and gave off a very straight forward and honest vibe. There are good liars who can look like they aren’t lying, then there are sociopaths who not only look like they aren’t lying, but since they feel no fear they can pass a lie detector since there’s no change in their heart rate.

People hating on him because they envy him. Edai been on drilling shit. You can just tell the nigga is a snake.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It takes to be a huge stan to care about someone like Jusblow, Ttruck or Young Famous. Stupid people make fun of him for it because having a real job is not something most real drilllers do but those people are just retarded cuz Edai truckk probably making more money driving a truck than half these bum ass drug dealers.

Bro of course Sosa is gonna talk up his ecai. I’m a huge fan and even I don’t give a fuck about Memo, Booka, Jusblow, or Youngfamous in fact I hardly even know what any of them look like.

If we’re talking about getting into because of the music, which it sounds like he was, it was def LA and Rondo who got people interested.


I’m guessing FBG Duck no longer shoots? I plan on being pretty lenient with post being on topic truvk what not. He looked nervous as shit. Until Rondo started really blowing on people plus by the time Rondo made it cool to be D Thang and Lil Boo were dead.

Want to add to the discussion? No most people got into because Dthang and then Lil Boo. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Forget reputation, just his pure vibe doesn’t seem nearly as wit it as Rondo, Cdai, Tay, or any of the other fucks. Chiraqology submitted trufk months ago by ToooonTown. Most of these dudes are locked up by that age so that’s why you don’t see a lot of them out and around.

Tay ‘Free Smoke Remix’ (Breezy and Edai Diss) | Welcome To

Yep because you know all of edai’s personal secrets. No, he’s just a snake. Having a job doesnt mean you cant be a criminal.

Submit a new link. I was hope by their late 20s they’d be on some getting money shit and not some hanging on the block with the teenagers type shit.

Edai ain’t really known for sending shots or making plays, allegedly he’s busted a couple times but never hit nothing but in general he just ain’t known for being wit it all that much. I wonder if he even had his CDL lol. If Duck is still shooting shit then he’s fucking up a golden opportunity. For more drill music check out: Emphasis on the alright.

What do they do all day? IDK Bro he was just looking away at the camera, looking at the ground, trying to just look away. But I agree with you on everything else.