We also wish the keys were backlit. The notebook notched a score of during 3DMark11, significantly below the 1, category average for mainstream notebooks. This laptop case comes complete with lid organizer, fitted shock absorbing tray and shoulder strap. After sale We offer complete warranty package to ensure user satisfaction. IP53 rated for dust and water spray resistance from all directions.

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Works with laptops Durabook laptop final part of their testing guidelines, Vibration testing, durabook laptop these parameters:. This rugged laptop case is designed to fit notebooks up to The on-screen graphics is driven by the Intel HD Integrated Graphics which supports durabook system memory.

Compliant with IP53 for water and dust Spill resistant keyboard, touchpad and switches. Please share our article, every link counts!

Intel Dual Core 2. You can add an extra battery via the charging dock on the bottom of the notebook, which the company says will offer up to 6 additional hours of juice. In addition to working normally, durabook laptop Durabook U12Ci didn’t sustain any physical damage such as scrapes, chips or dents after being dropped.


Durabook laptop actually like the Durabook a bit more than its doppelganger. Exclusive optical disk tray lock prevents unintentional tray eject from drop and vibration. GammaTech offers multiple configurations of durabook laptop U12Ci. Anti-shock mounting design protects LCD screen and hard disk drive from damage and data loss.

Intel Integrated Wireless kaptop Works with laptops The GammaTech Durabook U12Ci is definitely sturdier than your average mainstream notebook, making it worth a look for field workers who need a system that can last. This laptop case comes complete with lid organizer, fitted shock absorbing tray durabook laptop shoulder strap. And while the ports are covered there are a lot of exposed vents on the bottom and rear of the computer that are more concerning, in the case of spills or dust.

Spill resistant design stops spills durabook laptop leaking into sensitive interior parts. durabook laptop

DURABOOK S15C Rugged Laptop Computer

This field notebook’s spill resistant design protects the durabook laptop interior components from accidental spills. This rugged laptop case is designed to fit notebooks up to Preisvergleich Twinhead Notebooks bei Geizhals. Intel Lqptop iM 2.

And we will be sustain development, and always provide the best durabook laptop for companies. Create an account Forgot Password?

Durabook laptop, details like letters are bigger. When watching the trailer for “The Avengers,” oranges were vibrant during scenes with explosions and blues really popped. We could see every detail of Mark Ruffalo’s face, although the screen was marred by noticeable glare when viewing from side angles.

The notebook boasts a flexible design that switches between laptop and durabook laptop mode and comes with an integrated stylus that works well with its durabook laptop touch-screen display.

Your fingers won’t feel squished or cramped while typing, but the right Shift key is much smaller than the other.

You can even use your own handwriting within such apps as Sticky Notes. Delivery Lead Time Durabook laptop boasts the shortest durabook laptop of delivery to shorten your transaction cycle and enhance customer satisfaction.

Construction Planning and Management.

You can press the screen to follow links or make selections, but you can’t scroll or navigate the screen with your durabook laptop like you duranook with most touch screen laptops. I was able to do some durabook laptop testing. All extra functions volume, 3G, etc are double-mapped on the keyboard and the extra buttons to be found are for power, radio, and the keyboard light.