We have also used the Less Loss Black body which also did seem to improve the dac, and we also routinely use really top of the line power conditioning, Audio Magic’s Oracle, and when we compared the two Dacs in our reference system again no contest EMM Labs Dac 2X by a long margin, I have been doing this professionally for over 25 years and I have yet to hear a Dac that really beats the DAC 2XSe with the latest firmware. Bear in mind that in order for the K to output PCM resolutions higher than 96kHz, you must download its proprietary drivers. Refer all servicing to approved service personnel. Just as all EMM Labs components, you can choose between a silver or black finish. I asked why discreet output circuitry is used instead of the more popular Op amp topology. Shahin Al Rashid Director of Sales. Tell us what’s missing.

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Sorry if I perceived it that way Submitted by audiodoctornj on February 19, – 8: Unable to keep pace with the DAC2X in those areas, the K sounded a bit rounder and was more forgiving of recording flaws.

Selects the EMM Optilink input. We personally like the silver finish but some folks will want to match the DAC2X up to their current equipment. Music Albums of the Year. It came in at 34 lbs in its standard double box.


I have this enormous passion for great music which I hope I can use successfully to discern the best equipment. That’s another reason to hold off on DSD for a little while longer.

Howard Kneller howardk soundstagenetwork. These files can be downloaded from just a few sites at this point.


He does this because the parts he could buy do not reach the standards he sets for himself. Main Power connector 3.

The Winter Music Mix. The warranty time period is 5 years. According to EMM, they come very close to the performance obtained vac2x point-to-point wiring, which is difficult or impossible to use in digital circuits.

He continued his tireless pursuit of the “absolute” sound and continued to apply new innovations to his single-bit conversion technology.

This wasn’t due to “burn-in” but instead based on our findings from past reviews. Many of the recordings I use are by dac22x I’ve heard in the flesh. Naim Uniti Atom sits pretty. Details Created on Thursday, 21 February Play a superb recording like the Naxos CD of Shostakovich’s 10 th symphony and it’s gob-smackingly good.

Above is another example. The DAC2X takes whatever you give and gives back your music in a purely musical manner.

The remote is elegant and impressive. If that means building a discreet converter the only pure 1 bit converter in use todayso be it. If you are in the NYC area I would invite us over to hear our reference setup for yourself, and to corroborate my findings.

You don’t need precise measurements or a lot of words to do so. He also developed the first Jitter Analyzer, which he made available even to his competitors now that’s class. You may wish to see my review of the XDS1 before reading the rest of this one.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Impressive work EMM Labs! Favorite Sound Munich High End I may be in the next room and I can still tell a great pair of speakers from a very good pair. The native sample rate of a DSD file is 2. The input circuitry has also changed to accommodate the additional USB input.

Different stokes for different folks.

We feel this statement is right on.