Just in case you want to have a clean desktop at all times. Thursday, October 20th Total War — Shogun 2 may experience corruption when running at low game settings in a 2×1 Eyefinity environment. The Installation Verification Software will prevent driver download on certain notebook products. See the full rundown after the jump!

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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Random crashes may be experienced while playing F1 and Lost Planet 2 with in Crossfire mode in an Eyefinity configuration.

Download AMD Drivers & Software for Radeon, FirePro, APU, CPU, desktops, and laptops

Intel continues to refresh its Sandy Bridge processor lineup. Slow ring insiders finally updated with a new build. This unified driver has been updated to provide enhanced level of power, amd catalyst 11.10, and reliability. What happens if you set vsync to on – does the tearing go away?

Haven’t seen much difference between Preview 2 and Preview 3. It’s quite possible that Win8 is rendering much more slowly due to its unfinished state, so run Fraps on both OS’s and compare.

See the full rundown after the jump! F1Dirt 2, Homefront, Google Earth and other applications got some fixes as well. But what else is new. Some of the features get in the way of gameplay by preventing fullscreen mode in some titles. I use preview 2 to play rage on X2 and it is just amd catalyst 11.10. Nov 1, Unigine Amd catalyst 11.10 running in DirectX 11 mode no longer experiences a performance drop when running with Dual Graphics enabled.

Lost Planet 2 no longer experiences random crashes when running the benchmark. I tried theese drivers and amd catalyst 11.10 give me craphics errors and the game did freeze in rage so i went back to amd catalyst 11.10 second set of the betas and everithing is back to normal.

I had to restore back with a PS2 mouse. AMD releases new graphics driver. I was using Enemy Territory Quake Wars may 11.10 random crashes when running in a 3×1 Eyefinity configuration. Related Stories Should bring all the expected, and some unexpected, benefits, especially in recent games.

Optimise your AMD graphics cards performance.

You may also want to run fraps. Early version of the new UI available right now for amd catalyst 11.10. When used with Windows Vista or Windows 7, users may have unwanted experiences.

Win8 itself is not exactly the most optimal place to be playing your games though. I am sure they meant Battlefield 3 no i think they meant beta, but with catakyst hopes it will carry to B3. I haven’t had a shitty game yet defeat that: F1 and Dirt 2 no longer experience random flashing during the game.

Amd catalyst 11.10 driver Catalyst graphics Radeon. Amd catalyst 11.10 Installation Verification Software will prevent driver download on certain notebook products.

AMD Catalyst Drivers (Vista bit) Download for Windows /

Civilization V may experience random crashes when run at High or Medium game settings. Amd catalyst 11.10 so, put it back to stock 2 Try removing them with a driver cleaner and reinstalling People are not generally reporting problems with them, so it’s worth persevering. AMD Eyefinity technology amd catalyst 11.10 gamers access to high display resolutions. For example, random corruption in some OpenGL games has been eliminated, as have crashes when running the Lost Planet 2 benchmark, and not only.

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